What to Expect

I think everyone should know where they came from and not just stop at, ‘my parents had me’. The history of your family can be so intriguing. So why not start your own family tree?  Through my blog posts, I hope to show you how easy it is to research your own ancestry and even create your very own family tree to share with your parents and children. You’ll be creating a legacy of your family to be handed down for generations to come.

I started my own research over a year ago and have been able to take my mother’s side all the way back to the year 736!  I discovered I am a descendant of a very large Clan called Clan MacMillan in Scotland and a tower at Castle Sween one of the oldest fortresses in Scotland, is named MacMillan Tower.  There’s even mention of the possibility of Macbeth being related but no proof.  That’s not all, I was also able to discover living relatives on my father’s side that I didn’t even know I had.  And…they are living here in the United States.  I would never have known the delicious history of my family had I not decided to do a little research.

There are so many other discoveries I have made it would be too much to list here but you get the message.  I have uncovered all of this in the comfort of my own home.  Ok, here’s another little tidbit I recently uncovered sitting at my desk.  My siblings and our children are eligible to be part of the Daughters and Sons of the Revolution through a 5th Gr Grandfather who was a soldier in the historic American Revolutionary War.  I know this is pretty cool right!  No one in my family ever mentioned this either! Your Research will uncover things that will blow your mind too!


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